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2010   Postdoctoral Candidate
NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
2009   Postdoctoral Certificate in Relational Psychoanalysis      
Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Psychoanalysis
2006 - 2009   Study Group Member
Study Group with Lew Aron, Ph.D.
2004   NYS License 016180
2003   Ph.D. with Distinction in Clinical Psychology
Columbia University Teachers College
2003   Stanley Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Bipolar Disorders
Zucker Hillside Hospital, North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System
2002   Psychology Intern
Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
2002   M.S. in Clinical Psychology
Columbia University Teachers College
1998 - 2002   Psychology Extern
Center for Educational and Psychological Services
Columbia University Teachers College
2001   Psychology Extern
Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC
1998   Psychology Post-Baccalaureate
University of Connecticut, Stamford.
1992   B.S. in Performance Studies
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
2004 – 2009   Psychotherapist – Full-time Private Practice

Provide psychotherapy and psychological services for adults, older adults, children, adolescents, and couples.

2006 - 2008   Geropsychologist
Clinical Psychassociates, NY

Provide psychotherapy and psychological services to the frail elderly and to individuals with disabilities in long-term care/rehabilitation facilities.   

2005   Psychologist: Adult Partial Hospitalization Program
The Zucker Hillside Hospital, NSLIJ Health System

Intake, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, individual and group psychotherapy, case management, discharge planning, member of interdisciplinary team.

2004   Psychologist: Adult Inpatient
The Zucker Hillside Hospital, NSLIJ Health System

Psychotherapy, liaison between chief attending psychiatrist and patients, families, and treatment team; conducted intake, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and discharge planning; member of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) team; conducted individual DBT and life skills groups; provided supervision of medical students and psychiatric residents.

2003 - 2004   Psychology Fellow
The Zucker Hillside Hospital, NSLIJ Health System

Conducted 2 x week group psychotherapy with adult inpatients.

2002 - 2003   Psychology Intern: Adult inpatient, adult and older-adult outpatient, continuing day treatment, child and adolescent outpatient, developmental center, Kids Weight Down clinic. 
Maimonides Medical Center, Community Mental Health Center

Conducted intakes, clinical interviews, diagnosis, treatment planning, individual and group psychotherapy and assessment with older adults, adults, families, adolescents, children, developmentally disabled children and teens, couples.

2001 - 2002   Psychology Extern: Adult/Geriatric Inpatient Unit; Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
Beth Israel Medical Center

Conducted adult and geriatric inpatient group psychotherapy and individual assessment.  Provided individual psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy to adults, older adults, and adolescents; participated in seminar on integrated treatment approach for eating disorders. 

1998 - 2002   Psychology Extern
Center for Psychological and Educational Services
Columbia University Teachers College

Provided individual and family psychotherapy and psychoeducational assessment with children, adolescents, and adults.

2004-2010   Adjunct Assistant Professor
Columbia University Teachers College
Department of Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Research Methods in Clinical Psychology (Spring 2010, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004; Comparative Psychotherapies (Fall 2008, 2007, Fall 2006, Summer & Fall, 2005; Summer 2004).

2003 – 2004   Stanley Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Affective Disorders
Department of Psychiatry The Zucker Hillside Hospital
Project Coordinator and Co-Investigator:
  • Treatment-resistant mania: A double-blind randomized comparison of clozapine versus high-dose Olanzapine
  • Double-blind placebo-controlled trial of Depakote-ER for depressive and anxiety symptoms in non-refractory bipolar depression  
  •  Clozapine Treatment in refractory mania: A retrospective chart review.  
  • Genetic variation in the neuroprotective protein BCl-2 and Valproate response  
  • The role of the arachidonic acid and prostaglandin cascade in bipolar disorder
2003   Doctoral Dissertation, with Distinction
Columbia University Teachers College

Personal and situational correlates of heroic rescue during the Holocaust

2001   Masters Thesis
Columbia University Teachers College

Personality correlates of heroic rescue during the Holocaust

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Psychologist Commentator CNN Headline News and CNBC
Doctoral Dissertation awarded with Distinction, Columbia University Teachers College
American Psychological Association – Division 39
New York State Psychological Association
International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Society for Psychotherapy Research
Award and Scholarship for Student of the Year: Outstanding Performance in Biology; University of Connecticut, 1998.



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